Profiling Hashtables in C

Hashtables are a neat way of storing (key, value) pairs with fast lookup, insertion and deletion times. I've written a simple implementation of a hashtable with »

Google Cloud Functions

In the spirit of fairness, since I've spent so much time using AWS Lambda functions, I thought I'd give Google's latest offering a try. However, following »

Preprocessor Polymorphism

The preprocessor included with C compilers is a strange beast. By far its most common use is to #include various header files, and to #define static »

Swing in Seven

Swing can make or break a track. Have a listen to this clip of a drum beat without any swing: Sounds kinda lame, right? Let's ignore »

Build Your Own Enum!

After programming in Java for altogether too long, I've developed a healthy appetite for the humble Enum. There's a problem, though: Python's enum is ugly. Ugly »


I've had an idea brewing for a while. I'd like to be able to use a single command, available on any device with SSH, to load »

Side Project: Text Game

So I've finally got around to making a text game! Sort of. Instead of running in a text-based environment like a console and accepting English-language commands »

Goroutines and Concurrency

I recently watched Rob Pike's talk on Concurrency Patterns in Go, and was really impressed by how easy it was to make solid concurrent code without »